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Our pet grooming school is one of the few around, and if you ask us, it is the best! Midwest School of Pet Grooming is currently owned and operated by Aimee Gibbs, a former student who joined us as an employee and was later promoted to a manager and instructor under the tutelage of Patrick and Liah Anderson, the founders.

Here at Midwest School of Pet Grooming, we are 95% – 99% hands-on, meaning you will be in the tubs with a dog on your first day with us. While we offer handouts, classroom discussion, and small group work, the majority of learning takes place at your table each and every day. We are a small school, which is part of what makes us work. With six students at a time and two instructors, our students are given all the one-on-one instruction they need to gain the skill and confidence needed to become a professional pet groomer.

At Midwest School of Pet Grooming, we believe grooming is more than just breed patterns and haircuts — it is a lifestyle. As such, we will not only teach you how to groom but also how to be a groomer. This is a demanding career, both of body and mind, which is why we are always working to offer our students the most comprehensive grooming education possible. Intrigued? Come meet us or call us to schedule a tour and interview at Midwest School of Pet Grooming — 847-550-0107.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does the Program Take?

We require 500 hours of hands-on training, which takes approximately five to six months depending on the students’ schedule and commitment to their education.

How Much Does It Cost?

Tuition is currently $7,000. In addition, the student is responsible for purchasing their own tools, which run roughly between $500 – $1,000. Students must have their equipment on the day they begin.

Do you Accept Financial Aid?

We do not have financial aid, but we do allow payment plans.

When Is the Next Semester, Start Date, Term, Etc.?

We do not have semesters or terms here at Midwest. Instead, students start their courses individually and join current students at various stages of the program, similar to the one-room schools back in the day.

Okay, so There Are No Semesters.
When Are Classes?

Classes run Tuesday through Friday, with occasional Saturdays. Class starts at 8:30 AM and end when the day is done or as we like to say, when the last dog goes home.

Do You Offer Night and / or Weekend Classes?

No, currently we do not.

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“The Midwest School of Pet Grooming is not accredited by a US Department of Education recognized accrediting body.”
“The Midwest School of Pet Grooming is approved to operate by the Private Business and Vocational Schools Division of the Illinois Board of Higher Education”