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Professional Grooming Services

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Grooming Services for All Dogs

Midwest School of Pet Grooming’s professional services are some of the best around with an emphasis on compassion and dignity for your pet. We have experience and are very successful with all types of dogs and dog behaviors. We welcome young, old, fearful or excitable dogs and dogs with bad experiences or no experience.

Grooming isn’t all that fun for dogs, and we get that. Our goal is not only to provide your pooch with a great looking haircut but also to provide them with as pleasurable of an experience as possible. We often work with our four-legged clients to address issues, such as fear of the dryer or the dreaded nail trim, and help your pet learn to cooperate for grooming and hopefully reduce their stress. Truth be told, we love our clients and consider them a part of our pack, so we strive to create a different experience than your standard in-and-out express grooming service.

Our services are all-inclusive, meaning we do not charge for add-on services or extras. Nail trimming, nail grinding, ear cleaning and plucking (if needed), paw trimming, and sanitary trims are included in our price and are provided at every visit.

The few exceptions are teeth brushing, which is an additional $5 for the product and skunk or flea baths, an additional $10 for the product.

Walk-In Services

  • Nail trims
  • Ear cleaning
  • Sanitary trims
  • Pad trims

We also do nail trims for cats, guinea pig, ferrets and lizards. Not sure? Just ask!

Make Your Appointment Today

Ready to make an appointment?  Call us at 847-550-0107.  Please be advised that wait times for appointments are currently longer than normal.  We strongly suggest pre-booking your appointments and planning ahead for holidays, etc.  We only accept appointments via phone, and do not offer online booking.

Bath and Brush Out

Our bath and brush out services are appropriate between haircuts, for double-coated breeds, and for just about anyone who needs a spiff and shine. We provide a bath in one of our popular shampoos and conditioners, blow dry to remove and loosen dead coat, all over brushing and de-shedding, and light scissoring as needed.

Full Grooming or Haircut

We offer all types of styles from regular pet trims or puppy cuts to breed specific pattern cuts and even fun stuff like fusion-style grooming and the use of creative color. We use blades, attachment combs and fancy flashy scissors to finish your pet’s fur into a stylish and attractive cut.

We welcome all types of breeds, pure and mixed, and consider ourselves pretty darn good at what we do. We work with our customers to find the perfect recipe for your dogs grooming needs. If you have a specific request or concern, just ask us — we love to talk about dogs!

OIf you need regular and frequent medical baths to address a skin issue identified by your vet, ask us about our reduced bath prices.