Tools & Equipment List

Midwest School of Pet Grooming


What Do I Need for Class?

Without our tools, we groomers would be pretty helpless. Students of Midwest are required to purchase their own equipment prior to enrollment. The cost of your tools will be approximately 500 to 1,000 dollars, depending on what and where you buy your equipment.

Speaking of where…there are plenty of places to find grooming tools. We have our preferences but that is just our opinion. We suggest doing your research before investing your money. Be aware of online retailers and possible warranty issues with clippers, scissors and blades.

When in doubt, buy local. If something goes wrong, at least you have a place to return for exchange or service. We are incredibly fortunate to have a local grooming supply store close by. The Midwest Grooming Supply located in Lake Barrington has most things a student could need. Visit Chuck at 4 N. Hillview Drive, Unit D or call at 847-842-8422

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Tools and Equipment List

  • “Notes from the Grooming Table” by Melissa Verplank (BLUE or BROWN)
  • “Groomers Guide to Pet First Aid, Injuries & Health” by Boyd Harrell DMV
  • “Theory of 5” by Melissa Verplank
Optional Books:
  • “Dog Grooming Simplified, Straight to the Point” by Jodi Murphy
  • “A.K.C. Complete Dog Book 22nd Edition”
  • “Holistic Dog Grooming”
  • 1 detachable blade 2-speed clipper (5-speed clippers are also acceptable)
  • 2 each of the following clipper blades: 4F, 5F and 7F (NO SKIP TOOTH BLADES)
  • 1 each of the following clipper blades: 9, 10, 30 and 15
  • 1 set of stainless steel attachment combs for detachable blade 8 ct. (Wahl preferred, no magnetic attachment combs please
  • 1 Artero Spektra clipper or Wahl Bravura Lithium clipper
  • 1 greyhound comb
  • 2 universal slicker brush
  • 1 boar bristle or similar style brush
  • 1 small soft slicker brush
  • 1 pin brush
  • 1 pair of ear/eye scissors
  • 1 small matt splitter
  • 1 large matt splitter
  • 1 1/2 ounce styptic powder
  • 1 ear powder
  • 1 pair of nail trimmers
  • 1 Dremmel machine
  • 1 pair of cat nail trimmers
  • 1 jar of Andis Blade Care Plus blade wash
  • 1 can of Andis Cool Care Plus spray
  • 1 de-shedding rake
  • 1 hemostat
  • 1 flea comb
  • 1 furminator style blade
  • 1 8.5″ straight shear*
  • 1 thinning shear*
  • 1 8.5″ curved shear*

The approximate cost of your equipment will be around $700 to $900. While not inclusive to grooming, this list represents a good starter kit for groomers. You will discover additional tools and products you may wish to purchase as you learn what works best for you.

*Shears (scissors) can be expensive. Because beginning groomers are not familiar with the differences in shears and what to expect, we encourage you to wait until you are actually in class to purchase shears. That will allow you a chance to learn what type, length, etc., suits your needs.

Some low cost brand examples include Purple Dragon, Smith King, Lilys
PET, Gimars and Kingstar. These brands can easily be found on Amazon and other online stores

Other moderately priced shear suggestions include Aussie Dog, Anvil, Geib or Foxy Roxy.
Suggested Retailers:
Frank Rowe & Son
Groomer’s Mart
Ryan’s Pet Supply
Ali Express

Well Known Grooming Suppliers:
Andis, Artero, Geib, Wahl, Aussie Dog, Oster and AGS